BOMA International's Floor Measurement Standards

Floor Standards Questions and Requests for Interpretation

BOMA International has endeavored to make its floor measurement standards as clear and universally applicable as possible. It is inevitable that some business-related or architectural peculiarities may not be directly addressed by a BOMA floor measurement standard. In such cases, questions may arise on the proper interpretation of a BOMA standard.

Requests for interpretation must be submitted in writing to BOMA International by sending an email to The Interpretations Subcommittee of the BOMA International Floor Measurement Standards Committee will review all requests for interpretation. Interpretation requests will receive a written response within 10 business days, and all interpretations will be posted to the BOMA International website. Note: The Interpretations Subcommittee will address questions of interpretation only. Neither the Interpretations Subcommittee nor BOMA International will respond to general questions that are addressed within the standard itself or provide consulting services.

For additional resources, you may contact a member of the BOMA International Standard Methods of Floor Measurement Committee listed below with questions or assistance with the BOMA Area Measurement Standards.

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