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Annual Conference & Expo June 23-26, 2018, San Antonio, Texas WHAT HAPPENED: Recap of Board of Governors and Committee Actions 

Annual Conference & Expo 
June 23-26, 2018, San Antonio, Texas 
WHAT HAPPENED: Recap of Board of Governors and Committee Actions 
Board of Governors Meeting 
• Approved Life Members Fred K. Whitty, RPA, Houston BOMA and Dave M. Stucky, BOMA/San Diego 

• Approved Distinguished Service Members Shelli L. Menegos, Retiring BAE, BOMA/Utah and Paul LaBranche, Retiring CSO, BOMA/British Columbia 

• Approved Bylaws amendment to eliminate absentee or proxy voting at BOG and reduce the term for Finance Committee members from a four-year term, to up to two two-year terms. 

• Heard presentation of findings from BOMA/BOMI joint Property Manager Job Task Analysis research with the body of knowledge built around building operations, internal and external building relationships, and the business of buildings with sustainability as its foundation. 

• Heard a report from the Audit Committee that BOMA International has received an unmodified audit opinion (i.e. clean audit) for 2017. 

• Recognized BOMA Local Associations with the highest Home Depot rebate program sales. BOMA/Greater Phoenix again topped the list with the most sales. 

• The following slate of Officers and Executive Committee members was approved: o Officers: . Chair Brian Cappelli, BOMA/Cleveland 

. Chair-Elect Scott Jones, BOMA/San Francisco 

. Vice Chair Shelby Christensen, BOMA/Philadelphia 

. Continuing two-year term as Secretary/Treasurer Keith Major, BOMA/Toronto 

o Executive Committee: . Mason Bodie, BOMA/Dallas (Emerging Professional) 

. Cynthia Brown, BOMA/Indianapolis 

. Randal Froebelius, BOMA/Toronto (second term) 

. Mark Kelly, BOMA/San Francisco (Associate Member) 

. Richard Kenwood, BOMA/Philadelphia (second term) 

. Bill Moebius, BOMA/Dallas (second term) 

. Missy Quinn, BOMA/Philadelphia 

• The following new members were approved for the Finance, Audit and Nominating Committees o Finance . Dan Cote, BOMA/Greater Los Angeles 

. Tim O’Donald, BOMA/Baltimore 

. Dan Yates, BOMA/Dallas 

o Audit . Dan Cote, BOMA/Greater Los Angeles 

. Luci Smith, BOMA/Orlando 

o Nominating . Sheila McHargue, BOMA/Austin, Southwest Region 

. Becky Hanner, BOMA/Raleigh-Durham, Southern Region 

Asset Management  
• Conducted a strategic planning session; areas of focus included education, outreach, membership development, support for local activities and broker engagement. 
• Discussed restructure of committee and developed sub-committee groups to review requirements and consistency in judging/inspection sheets. 

• Increased the 2019 TOBY entry fees: from $25 to $50 for local registration fee; from $275 to $325 for regional submission fee. 

• Introduced the new 2019 TOBY Requirements Instructions, which have been reformatted and simplified by category. 

• Discussed August release of the revised ENERGY STAR score metrics, which may require changes in the points achieved in the energy conservation section of the TOBY Entry Requirements for the 2020 TOBY cycle. 

BAE Council 
• Approved new BAE Council Officers: Secretary/Treasurer Gabriel Eckert, BOMA/Georgia, and BOMA International Finance Committee Representative Teresa Foster, BOMA/Dallas. 

• Announced appointment of Tory Brubaker, BOMA/San Francisco, as new Local Education Services Forum Chair. 

• Conducted a strategic planning session; areas of focus included membership development and local association support. 

• Guest speaker Julie Hart, CFO by Designs, provided tips on the essentials of association accounting, and understanding policies, financial statements, audits, segregation of duties and more.  

• Shared details of the 2018 Membership Marketing Toolkit available to BOMA Local Associations that includes persona profiles, social media posts customizable marketing messages and digital ads.  

• Elected Stephen Shepard, CAE, as BAE Council Chair. 

• BOMAPAC raised a record breaking $15,500 at this year’s annual conference! Members received a choice of BOMA-branded hot sauce or sweet barbecue rub for a $15 contribution, or 2 for a $25 contribution. For a $60 contribution, contributors received a limited edition, embroidered cowboy hat, and for a $10 contribution tickets to a photo booth during the TOBY Reception. 

BOMA 360 Council 
• Q2 designees included Shanghai Tower, tallest building in China and second tallest building in the world. 

• Recognized BOMA/Metro DC, BOMA/Georgia and Houston BOMA as top local association markets with 360 buildings and Cushman & Wakefield, Piedmont and Brookfield as the top companies with the most 360 buildings. 

• Began work on revising the program criteria. 

BOMA Fellows 
• Conducted first Fellows Retreat, featuring exclusive education programming offered by other Fellows 
• Discussed success of second Leadership Academy and plans for 2019 leadership development activities. 
• Fellows “Speakers Bureau” information will be updated and distributed to BOMA Local Associations.  
• Nominations for the 2019 class of BOMA Fellows will open in October. 

• Thanked outgoing chair Jim Peck, BOMA/New Mexico, and welcomed new chair and vice chair, John Scott, BOMA/Greater Tampa Bay, and Becky Hanner, BOMA/Raleigh-Durham. 

Building Codes and Voluntary Standards  
• Provided an update on the 2021 I Code Development process, including BOMA developed positions on 101 building and fire code proposals, and reported a 74 percent success rate in the most recent committee hearings.  

• Provided an update on the efforts to complete the National Science Foundation’s Standard 444, addressing the prevention of Legionella in building water systems.  

• Addressed new requirements and innovative solutions to the current OSHA requirements for fall protection.   
Education Advisory Council 
• Presented an overview of the educational offerings from BOMA International, including two asset management courses (with a third on the way slated for early 2019), online webinars, the Foundations course, Managing Industrial Properties, Building Re-Tuning, BEEP 2.0/BEEP Plus and BEEP for Industrial Properties. 

• Seeking new volunteers to review the Call for Presentations submissions for the 2019 Annual Conference education sessions. 
Emerging Professionals  
• Provided a brief overview of the committee activities since being established last year, including planning of the Emerging Professionals Program at the conference. 

• Conducted a strategic planning session; areas of focus included mentorship for emerging professionals and the value of BOMA for those new to the industry. 

Government Affairs 
• Provided an update on federal legislative priorities, including this year’s victories in preserving ENERGY STAR and passing H.R. 620 (the ADA Education and Reform Act), and gave insight into how to develop a successful PAC fundraising plan for local associations. 

• Highlighted new state legislative tracking tool, which allows BOMA International to assist local associations by generating reports on priority issues and specific bills. 

• Welcomed guest speaker Arturo Perez, National Conference of State Legislatures, who discussed state budget conditions. 

• Provided an update from the Energy & Environment Committee on the W2 (Water and Waste) Challenge, which has more than 1,800 buildings participating and continues to accept registrations. 

Industry Defense Fund Oversight 
• Approved a new application from BOMA/Pittsburgh, supporting the final stage of a previously-funded IDF project addressing the city’s Safe and Secure Building Act, which is headed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court this fall. 

• Received updates on current and recently-completed IDF projects, including BOMA/San Francisco’s commercial rent tax ballot measures, BOMA/Oregon’s FEMA flood plain regulations, and BOMA Texas’ “Taxed Out of Town” campaign. 

• Conducted a strategic planning session; areas of focus include education, local membership development, and support for local program and committee development. 

• Discussed opportunity to conduct stand-alone industrial conference; may experiment with this in 2019, starting small. 
International Council 
• Welcomed 18 countries to the 2018 Conference, including a 25-person delegation from BOMA China, an 18-person delegation from Japan BOMA and a 45-person delegation from BOMA Canada. 

• Conducted a two-day standing-room only workshop for the international delegates covering topics including cyber security, blockchain technology, adaptive re-use, global water crisis, market overview of Mexico and presentation on Shanghai Tower. 

Local Education Services Forum 
• Presented an overview of the educational offerings from BOMA International, including two asset management courses (with a third on the way slated for early 2019), online webinars, the Foundations course, Managing Industrial Properties, Building Re-Tuning, BEEP 2.0/BEEP Plus and BEEP for Industrial Properties. 

• Provided an overview of the new MyCommunity site that is replacing MyBOMA team sites on the BOMA International website.  

Membership Development  
• Recapped the committee’s first quarter activities in creating forums on topic discussions such as Building Member Value, creating awareness of the BOMA Brand and messaging for communicating value.  
• Conducted roundtable discussions on tactics to engage members who don’t attend events or participate on committees. 
• Reviewed the new Membership Marketing Toolkit available to BOMA Local Associations to support their membership recruitment and retention campaigns.  

National Associate Member Council 
• Conducted a panel discussion on Industry Insights for Associate Members on How to be Successful in Engaging Commercial Real Estate Professionals, featuring Bill Moebius, Peloton Commercial Real Estate; Jonathan Tucker, JLL; Keri Wallace, Accesso Services, LLC; and Mark Dukes, Physicians Realty Trust; topics included the changing landscape of the CRE industry, and how roles and responsibilities have evolved; advances in technology; expectations and best practices to foster a great working relationship. 
• Affirmed the slate for BOMA International Officers and Executive Committee members (see Board of Governors report).  

• Welcomed Scott Bennion, BOMA/Utah, as the new Nominating Committee Chair and thanked outgoing chair Laura Ragans, BOMA/Orlando, and Immediate Former BOMA International Chair Brian Harnetiaux, BOMA/Orange County, whose terms expired on the committee. 
• Guest speakers Caleb Quezada, Department of Homeland Security, and James Byrne, TruEntry, outlined the new Crisis Event Response and Recovery Access (CERRA) framework aimed at encouraging states to adopt re-entry policies to manage emergencies and other large-scale events. 

• Continued previous committee discussions on potential for BOMA to engage with NIMS (National Incident Management System), which offers a variety of classes and may represent a partnership opportunity. 

• Updated the committee on ongoing projects, including a white paper on cybersecurity, and the next annual BOMA Blood Drive (more information can be found at 

• Held an open forum to discuss local priorities, kicked off by presentations from BOMA/Orlando on the National Hurricane Conference, and BOMA/Hawaii on the recent volcanic activity. 

• Reviewed the Building Automation & Control Systems research study conducted by BOMA International, ASIS Foundation and SIA (Security Industry Authority) and will provide feedback to ASIS by July 11. 

• Brainstormed list of potential research topics, including Retofitting Existing Buildings, Attracting/Retaining Tenants and Workforce Development. 

Standard Methods of Floor Measurement  
• Approved the final draft of the Gross Areas Standard for release to the ANSI Canvass and Balloting. 

• Will be releasing in July a new two-hour classroom-based workshop on the 2017 Office Standard. 

• Formed Task Force chaired by Chris Horsley (BOMA/Indianapolis) to start work on the revisions of the Industrial Standard. 

Strategic Planning Task Force 
• Facilitated a Town Hall meeting to discuss and prioritize industry trends and their impact on property management and to define the value of BOMA at the local association and BOMA International levels.  

• Strategic planning consultant Paul Meyer, Tecker Consultants, in addition to helping to facilitate the Town Hall, also facilitated focus groups with the BAEs, National Advisory Council, BOMA Fellows and Emerging Professionals Committee as part of a listening tour, and both the Industrial and Asset Management committees conducted similar sessions and have shared the results with the task force.  

• From the input from the annual conference, the task force will draft a plan in September to circulate for an anticipated vote at the Winter Business Meeting. 

• Presented the findings of the CRE Technology Effectiveness Survey results. 

• Circulated a “Technology Checklist for Property Managers,” a guideline for property managers to follow when considering new technology solutions, for feedback.