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Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc.


on May 17 was proudly named among Orlando Business Journal’s six 2019 Best Places To Work in the Giant Category. A 9-time recipient of the prestigious award, CES this year was joined by the likes of the Orlando Magic and others in the largest category requiring 250-plus Central Florida employees. President and CEO Todd Morgan said, “We could not be more proud of this latest accomplishment. It is a fitting testament to our 381 statewide employees including 280 in our Central Florida home region.”


President and CEO Todd Morgan was recently spotlighted in the Orlando Sentinel’s “People To Know” section. The article by A.D. Thompson began, “It’s been 27 years since Todd Morgan and his wife, Shelly, founded what would become one of Florida’s largest plumbing and mechanical contractors, and in the time since, it’s become something of a family business. In fact, son Michael was just 2 when the entrepreneurial bug bit, with Todd recalling he “fetched faxes, one by one.” These days, Michael still works for CES, along with his wife, Blake, and older brother, Todd Jr. There’s a cousin on the payroll, too. Having family onboard wasn’t necessarily a goal at the outset, but Morgan says he has always been goal-driven. A wrestling star in high school, Todd rose to New York State Champion his senior year and the win brought a host of scholarship opportunities. With an eye not only on wrestling, but an eventual career in engineering, Todd chose Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University, where he did well, but occasionally “disappointed” his Great Uncle, Alexander Kartveli. “[Uncle Sasha] was a native of Tbilisi, Georgia, and one of the most brilliant aviation engineers who ever was. He designed the P-47 that helped us win World War II, the F-105 that was used in Vietnam, and then the A10 Warthog, which is still used today. He was an early adviser for NASA. “It was also kind of brutal when I was in college and I’d only get an A- on a calculus test,” Morgan chuckles. “He would grill me!”


Todd and his wife, Shelly, met on his second day in her hometown of Pittsburgh, where he’d moved for a job. “I went down to the health club at the bottom of the building to join.” Shelly was working the front desk. “We went out afterwards and from then on – that was it. We did everything together. And we still do today.” Including the business venture that would bring them – and CES – where they are today with its Longwood HQ spawning others in Tampa, Gainesville and Pompano Beach, employing nearly 400 and making the community a big part of its vision.


CES has also raised hundreds of thousands for AdventHealth Cancer Institute Foundation and other organizations. “We’re involved in many charities,” he says, with a nod to his spouse. “If it’s a good cause, Shelly’s likely to show up there…. I call her ‘Mother Teresa with an attitude,’” he says affectionately. “She’s the most giving person I have ever known, but you don’t want to mess with her!” It’s probably not a side of her they worry about at the Vatican, though, where Shelly has family connections. As such, the Morgans – avid travelers – make regular trips to Rome; they’ve been visiting the Vatican for roughly two decades. A couple of years ago, the pair renewed their vows in a small Catholic ceremony, then went to the Vatican, where they were blessed by His Holiness Pope Francis himself!


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