Maintenance Engineer - Pineloch Management Corporation

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Maintenance Engineer - Commercial

Maintenance engineers' work involves checking, repairing, and servicing machinery, equipment, systems, and infrastructures. Ensure that building systems, machinery and equipment runs smoothly and reliably. Assist Senior Facilities Engineer with inspection of the facilities to identify building maintenance needs and safety issues. The work includes planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance.  Must have (5) years proven work experience as a Maintenance Engineer.  Applicant must have a valid Driver’s License and provide proof of auto insurance. Maintenance Engineer must have a flexible schedule and be able to respond to emergencies on Holidays, after hours and on weekends if needed.   Applicant must be able to work with vendors and contractors as well as have good tenant relations.

Maintenance Engineer should be a strong problem solver with an eye for detail and an analytical mind. Strong communication and organizational skills are also important for this profession. Maintenance Engineers should have the ability to stand, stoop, squat and kneel for long periods of time, as well as be able to lift heavy items.

Maintenance Engineer should be experienced in the following skills: Understanding electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and electronic systems, troubleshooting problems on various types of equipment, basic knowledge on how to read blueprints and system schematics, knowledge of equipment safety systems and processes, possess knowledge of OSHA and EPA guidelines and standards, understand how to handle and dispose of hazardous materials and possess basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows computer applications and email.  Must have the ability to operate a forklift and perform minor vehicle repairs.

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