Apply For Associate Membership

2024 Associate Membership $925

Includes membership in BOMA International and BOMA Florida for ONE representative from a company whose business is engaged in a trade, service, or profession associated with the office building industry. For more than three representatives, please refer to the Corporate Associate Membership category below.

Once you fill out the form your name will be added to our waitlist that has been established for Associate Members.  However, until that time, here are a few ways that you can be involved:

* Recruit a Principal member and have them sponsor you. Reach out to property managers you know and ask them if they are a member of BOMA Orlando. If not and they're interested in joining, this will get you in sooner! This allows us to maintain a ratio of principal to associate members, as per our bylaws.

* You may attend a BOMA Orlando monthly meeting (luncheon or breakfast) as a guest up to two times per calendar year. You will be required to pay a guest fee. Reservations are required for all events. See our calendar of events

To apply as an Associate Member, fill out this form.

Associate Member (3 or more employees):

Dues are $834/person – a 10% savings

One designated company representative will receive all information from BOMA International and BOMA Florida, and that designated member will be the member of record for BOMA International.

Each representative listed will be able to participate in all BOMA Orlando functions.

To apply as a Corporate Associate Member with 3 or more employees, contact