2024 Committees

BOMA Members Stay Active in the Real Estate Industry

BOMA has many opportunities for our members to get involved in the industry. Listed below are current BOMA committees and their chairs.

If you are a BOMA member and you are interested in joining a committee, send an email to Lexi Hutton at lexi@bomaorlando.org with the name(s) of the committee(s) you would like to join. Committees accept new members throughout the year!



Awards Committee 

Task Force Chair: Danielle Peters

Task Force Co-Chair: Ally Hodges


Community Service Projects Committee

Develops guidelines for the organization’s involvement with community organizations and recommends charitable organizations to the Board. Coordinates with BOMA members to secure donations and volunteers for functions.


  • Continue to help our community by providing items needed for charities.

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Committee Chair: Suze Amell

Committee Co-Chair: Jessica Street


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee (DE&I)

Our Vision:  To Advocate for a welcoming and safe community that ensures diversity, equity and inclusion with equal opportunity and a sense of belonging for all.

Our Mission:  To promote and cultivate a diverse commercial real estate workforce at all levels that reflects the communities where they reside through talent recruitment, education and training, content development and promotion, and by leading on industry diversity and inclusion initiative with member companies and related groups. 

Monthly meetings to plan committee hosted events, open forum to discuss hot topics and collaborate on ideas to promote inclusion. 

Committee Chair: Lisa Snow

Committee Co-Chair: Jackie Browne


Education Committee

To provide and promote education for commercial property management professionals, through a scholarship program aimed at increasing BOMI class attendance in Orlando and offering education session forums for collaboration and networking.

To oversee the education put on by various teams and encourage BOMI Designations. Work on our Scholarship Program awarding our members with scholarships for their designations.

The chair will send out the agenda for the team meetings.

Committee Chair: Joe Territo

Committee Co-Chair: Isabel Raehn-Lantry 


Emergency Preparedness Committee

Mission: To support BOMA Orlando by investigating and implementing policies and procedures that pertain to safety and security for our members.


  • To educate and engage members in the following areas: Office, Industrial, Medical, and Corporate.
  • Facilitate events that would be beneficial, CPR, Local Law Enforcement, and Emergency Coordinators Event.

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Committee Chair: Nicole Salemme

Committee Co-Chair: Emily Smith


Emerging Professionals Committee

To engage and connect with BOMA Orlando professionals in commercial real estate under the age of 35.


  • Plan educational, networking,  social events for peer interaction among members 35 years or younger.
  • Engage and connect by promoting benefits of BOMA, committee participation, and leadership opportunities
  • Hold quarterly eventsCoordinate and structure a mentorship program with Leadership Chairs

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Committee Chair: AJ Sarabasa

Committee Co-Chair: Catherine Spalding


Engineers Committee

 Educational breakfasts for engineers. Provides networking within the membership with engineers to have knowledgeable members to speak on the industry.

Do your engineers get new training on new subjects, do they get refresher training on systems and or problems, do they know the way to respond to situations, then a good way to learn would be to attend the Engineers Breakfasts that BOMA Orlando offers. Get knowledge on codes/laws, learn updated systems, network, and benefit from talking to others in the field.


  • Hold educational events for engineers and property managers

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Team Chair: Suresh Balgobind

Team Co-Chair: Paul Carter


Finance Committee

This team is specific to Board requests during the year.

Committee Chair: Mike Lewis

Committee Co-Chair: Amy Ravenelle


Golf Committee

Task Force chair: Terri Walther

Task Force co-chair: Leonard Salemme


Industrial Committee

To provide a reliable resource of education and information for commercial property management professionals, specific to industrial properties, while offering a forum for collaboration and networking.


  • Round Robin Event 
  • Events that will provide education to the industrial industry

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Committee Chair: Lisa Brown

Committee Co-Chair: Christie Crosby


Leadership Development Committee

Mission: Formerly the Past Presidents Leadership Council, this committee serves as a resource to identify, develop, educate, and mentor leadership in BOMA Orlando.


  • Provide leadership resource for guidance to the current officers and board
  • Attend board meetings to mentor new board members
  • Review the Nominating Committee process for future leadership
  • Offer & coordinate Leadership 101, a curriculum presented annually to our members interested in leadership
  • Utilize BOMA Orlando Leadership to include Board of Directors, Past Leaders,  Past Presidents to identify future candidates for the  and provide mentoring and support

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Committee Chair: Michelle Carter

Committee Co-Chair: Bianca Santos


Legislative Affairs Committee

Reviews and determines the direction for legislative activities on the National, State, and Local level. Actively monitors issues affecting BOMA members and creates grassroots campaigns to address these issues. Also participates on the BOMA Florida level.

To provide education and communication to all members on legislative matters affecting the Property Management profession on the Local, State, and National levels.

2023 Goals:

The Legislative Team will actively monitor issues being tracked by BOMA International and BOMA Florida that could affect BOMA members.

BOMA members that attend the National Issues Conference will visit legislators at the Capitol with direction from BOMA International on what issues will be discussed.

The team will actively pursue making local visits with legislators on BOMA Florida issues.

Attend the BOMA Annual Florida meeting.

The team will actively collect for the BOMA International PAC.

In addition to continuing to engage our State and Federal leaders, the Legislative Team will increase efforts to form relationships with local leaders of the various jurisdictions that make up BOMA Orlando's membership.

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Committee Chair: Greg Territo

Committee Co-Chair: Isabel Raehn-Lantry


Membership Committee

Responsible for the recruitment and retention of members. Members serve as “hosts” for new and/or prospective members at functions. and actively follows up with members at renewal time.

Mission: To recruit and retain members while maintaining an optimum ratio of associate members to principal members.

In 2023 the Team goals will be:

To grow the association  more than 375 members.

Luncheons: produce activity for each luncheon/breakfast, the introduction of new members, Meet and Greet of new members during networking time

Twice a year after-hours get-together

Meetings typically are held monthly immediately following the luncheons.

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Committee Chair: Jill Cooper

Committee Co-Chair: Stacey Boeshko


Networking Committee

Plans, coordinates, and facilitates approximately three social networking events per year. Promotes the benefits of networking.


  • Put on three major events for our members to network
  • Help assist Membership Team with Meet and Greets

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place.

Committee Chair: Nicole Ladisa

Committee Co-Chair: Jimmy Mansfield

Committee Co-Chair: Amy Caulder


Programs Committee

Arrange for speakers for the 2024 luncheons. 

Committee Chair: Amy Ravenelle

Committee Co-Chair: Tara Brenton


Sustainability Committee

Focused on identifying, understanding, and sharing Sustainability - related topics that present opportunities or threats to BOMA Orlando member companies.


  • Maintain awareness of  any municipality project that we are aware of
  • Survey membership on sustainability-related knowledge needs

Chairs will send out an  for meetings with time and place. Meetings typically are held monthly immediatelly prior to the luncheons.

Committee Chair: John Ubinger

Committee Co-Chair: Jason Reinhardt