Are you seeking an enjoyable and impactful method to network within the commercial real estate industry? Look no further than BOMA Orlando! Our organization offers a vibrant platform for professionals looking to broaden their industry knowledge and connections. Whether you specialize in property management or provide services as a vendor, there's a membership option tailored to your needs. Delve into the details below to discover which membership suits you best. Join us at BOMA Orlando and unlock a world of opportunities for networking and professional development!

2024 Associate Membership $925

If you're a vendor in the commercial real estate industry, this membership opportunity is tailor-made for you! Apply for membership through the provided link below. If you have a property manager or assistant property manager (APM) whom you'd like to enroll, simply reach out to us, and we will kickstart the process for you. Please note that due to high demand, the waitlist for membership can be lengthy, sometimes extending up to 1-2 years. To expedite the process, bringing in a property manager is your best bet. Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your presence and network within the commercial real estate community!

What does this membership include?

Includes membership in BOMA International and BOMA Florida for ONE representative from a company whose business is engaged in a trade, service, or profession associated with the office building industry. For more than three representatives, please refer to the Corporate Associate Membership category below.

You've applied for membership, here is what's next:

Once you fill out the form your name will be added to our waitlist that has been established for Associate Members.  However, until that time, here are a few ways that you can be involved:

* Recruit a Principal member and have them sponsor you. Reach out to property managers you know (they must have a greater Orlando presence/address) and ask them if they are a member of BOMA Orlando. If not and they're interested in joining, this will get you in sooner! This allows us to maintain a ratio of principal to associate members, as per our bylaws.

* You may attend a BOMA Orlando monthly meeting (luncheon or breakfast) as a guest up to two times per calendar year. You will be required to pay a guest fee. Reservations are required for all events. See our calendar of events

Additional Membership Information

Associate members are expected to attend a minimum of 5 monthly meetings throughout the year to uphold their membership status. Apart from these gatherings, participation in the TOBY Awards Gala serves as an alternative means to fulfill this obligation outside of the regular luncheons. However, it's essential to recognize that if joining later in the year, the requirements may vary. Please contact us to determine your specific requirements to ensure continuous membership. 

To apply as an Associate Member, fill out this form.

Corporate Associate Member (3 or more employees):

Dues are $834/person – a 10% savings

One designated company representative will receive all information from BOMA International and BOMA Florida, and that designated member will be the member of record for BOMA International.

Each representative listed will be able to participate in all BOMA Orlando functions.

To apply as a Corporate Associate Member with 3 or more employees, contact

Only membership in BOMA Orlando gives you access to all the connections and resources you need to become a commercial real estate giant. 

When you join BOMA, you benefit from the advocacy, influence, and wealth of knowledge that commercial property professionals have relied on for more than a century. 

Get the education you need to stay ahead of growing trends and participate in networking opportunities that will have a tangible impact on your career, so you can play a larger part in shaping the future of your industry.

When you join BOMA, you become part of a powerful organization that's dedicated to helping CRE professionals of all experience levels grow their careers and make a difference in their communities. 

You get access to the resources and opportunities that help you build a bigger, brighter future - for yourself and your industry!

Contact to get your property management membership started today.

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